In 2018, our Sr. High travelled to Memphis, TN to participate in Collide through the Center for Youth Ministry Training. Collide is not a camp and not a traditional mission trip but a third kind of mission experience that partners with local organizations within the city.

Collide has four key components. It provokes disorienting dilemmas – experiences and quandaries that upend our usual ways of explaining the world and the thin answers of faith that we too often rely upon. Collide gives youth and adults the space and resources to work together through these dilemmas in an environment of discussion, worship and theological reflection. Collide explores theological themes in ways that make sense and matter to youth and adults to help them understand themselves, their world, their calling, and their God in new ways. Collide encourages youth groups to take the experiences and discussions of Collide back to their congregations and youth ministries to instill a new way of life for their ministry.



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